here is my latest diorama called "Hell". 6 weeks + in the making. The point if there was one was to product a story only by using light.

The gallery is here

hell diorama 1/35


Mr Paint on helmets

That's me trying the Mr Paint paints. They're opaque inks / Alclads basically, they smell (stink) just like the Alclads and they're absolutely ideal to work with my direction of the light techniques.

Vampire 1/48

so I ticked "done"  in front of the  "diorama with sea through water showing a vehicle in it" line

Here is the second from the plane series, a 1/48 diorama with sea through water. i didn't build any base yet and I think it ought to get one. the colours are that vivid on the original diorama

See gallery here


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