About Nicolas Cabaret and the end of the cdiorama.com website

Nicolas Cabaret is a pseudo I created for mainly two reasons which were :

-Trying to get some better quality constructive comments because I needed that, and then past a certainl level of "recognition", you don't get any anymore

-Feeling somewhat freeer in my ideas and be able to do some grusesome schocking material , trying the project as a sort of "jbalabs"'

But I don't need this anymore, and I can't pay for the hosting of another website, so I have been redirecting most of the links from cdiorama.com to jbadiorama. com.

Of all this series, (in addition to JBA's "The Womb") I am particularly proud of Baba Yaga and Crash which are two of my very bests.

If you still want the Nicolas Cabaret material, in specific, please browse the links below :

The complete build logs :

Thanks for looking :)