Libertad diorama

Another one finished

featuring Takom's AML-90 kit


Geek Japan Touch 22 et 23 avril 2017

J'expose la plupart de mes dioramas le 23 et 24 avril prochain à La Geek Touch de Lyon au Parc des Expos de Lyon

I will be exposing most of my dioramas April 23 and 24 at the Lyon Japan  / Geek Touch !


Come if you can :) 

Medusa !

Plenty of Medusa dioramas: please follow the links obn the right ->

Medusa WIP photo

I am really lazy these days when it comes to update this blog, but I thought I would share that quick picture of the Medusa 1 diorama 

I actually do the diorama in 2 parts like in the picture so that the surface tension of the resin isn't a problem anymore


Medusa 1 diorama

My latest, first part in a series of 3 called Medusa. The 2 others are almost finished as I write this

link here

Sit Amet

Sit Amet diorama!

Finished late 2016

Link here


I finally fill again my site with my latest dioramas

Here is the ipsum one I finished about two months ago

Link here


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New diorama (working on it)

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Instagram jean Diorama

New diorama called hangover

No better title idea! Please follow me on Instagram, search for Jean Diorama

That's the first of the 4 drafts I have in my queen shelves drawers to be completed, I began it last january and it ios the second of my "blood in the water" series

Link to full gallery here

hangover diorama