Rusty Photoetch

I *think* that during all those weeks of trying, I managed to streamline the photetching making process. more on this soon.
Anyway, here's a ravaged looking photoetch set that I left too much in the acid. Why? hey, i needed it to be really very rusty looking, And I think i managed!

failed phototetch -reason 1

I have been building a very efficient machine to lighten up the photoresist covered brass, but have a look at this, I shopuld have known it wouldn't work. The thing is I have been printing the sheme on some transparent laser paper but my printer is NOT good enough..

Failed photoetching

And here i go again with this hell that is homemade photoetching. Here is one of the frets i need for the diorama, and it's the one of the escape door behind the turret. No problem to design the fret..

the first video :)

By popular demand..
Actually I have already 2 hours of footage already done, with no vocal parts, but here's one bit I did 1 month ago, before actually beginning to cut plastic. It kinda explains the making up and plans or the diorama, there will be more, loads more!

Dry fitting the Masséna's hull

here is a dry fitting of the hull. notice the space where there will be some niche with an escape door. the turret will be placed emerging from hole on the horizontal plates.
Now after asking several questions about ship building in forums, it seems that I will have to do the whole of the hull in photoetch! Time to work out my plans...