I have been a pretty slow worker lately.
Somebody lent me some Rammstein records, I guess it will affect the final output of this diorama. I begin to think about schizoid colours for the landscape.
Anyhoo, here's the interior part of the boat's boiler.

The front part of the boat is done, i
need some bits of the skeleton to stay visible.
I will go on tomorrow
with sanding, a bit of mastic to hide the deffects, and i will try and
start the engine too, if i manage to understand those plans ;)

okay; one side is done..

okay, the boat skeleton is done! time now to do the planking with very thin balsa wood..

Then the actual build of the boat begings..
first gluing all the transversal bars to the central plastic frame
then gluing each of the 2 top planks on the front of the boat

I then got all those transversal parts...
you will note that i left the paper with their numbers near, i also used an indelebile pen to mark them because it would have been complete chaos if I was about to meddle them.
On to next step which will be gluing the skeleton of the baot, and then a bit of planking :)

...Then I really hate having to cut thick plastic, my fingers are covered with scars after 25 modeling years, i want this to stop.
What is softer than plastic and can be cut easely? yep, dry mastic will do.
I then proceeded to apply some coat of mastic over the outlines of the transversal parts of the boat. i flattened them with a greased wooden surface and let dry for a few hours -not to few because you will have the feeling of cutting through butter, not too long because Magic Sculp is a fairly fragile kind of mastic and breaks easely