Floodlands (the 8 hours diorama)

So I have been putting in my head that I wanted to do workshops. That's it workshops! In order for me to get invited in cool place where i could actually meet the people I have been trying to create some "8 hours diorama".

Did I succeed?

Well no. that one (called Floodlands, gallery here) was done in about 16 hours which means the double. That means I will have to work on all the bottlenecks i have been experiencing, like here for instance :

  • Using a crap figure -here a Miniart Tanker,  whose head and arm needed direfully replacement
  • Create the base beforehand -here a simple plastic box
  • learn to use the heatbox
  • I finally learned that you just can't speed the plough when it comes to water making which is going to be a problem..

I will probably find countless others! Most of the final hours were spent to arrange the scene so that it looks showable in the end