T-26 resin turret

I didn't do much modelling this week, my kids gave me their various diseases. So i have been spending time writing articles for two different european mags (no, not French).

Well still to make me forgive for the fact the site was down for a whole day, and also to test some facebook->rss feature, I put up this thread which is about that Complekt Zip turret I tracked down from Russia, thanks for some advises I got on Armorama.

Well, it took the gentleman one week to send it by post, and then 2 extra weeks for the postman to deliver it, but then I didn't regret it.

Having no experience about resing kits whatsoever, it took me less than 45 mn to build this very beautiful turret. No flash, no bubbles, ultra clever placeholders, so much easier tio build than the Zvezda turret, a real bliss and  highhly recommended (and I don't recommend highly a lot of mail orders or companies)

Actually I was in doubt because of stuff I read, indeed Zvezda's kuit made some engine cover that doesbn't match the turret, so either I kept the turret and scratchbuilt a new turret vent, or I changed the turret and kept the engine.

well I choosed the second solution, half because of laziness, the other half because I liked the look of that conical turret, looked a bit pathetic actually, an dthe whole of my diorama will be dead pathetic.

Anwyay here are two pictures

Complekt Zip T-26 turret



T-26 turret



More Diorama pleasures

Friul T-26 tracks are really very small, you need a lot to do the whole of the tank. I still have 10 cms to do.

Very expensive to buy, Very tedious to build but they really look awesome in the end.

Friul T-26 tracks


.. So when I get bored with those I keep on sculpting my figures. One tank pilot and 3 soldiers.

Magic Sculp and Duro green stuff as usual.

russian soldiers sculpting in progress


Fitting yes. I think that's one of the thing that lack the most in diorama making. You've got some terrain, some guys standing, some vehicles.. But the only real attempt at making the whole fit is to make some foot or tracks traces on the floor.

I try to go a bit beyond that lately, first by completely integrating the ice in my Pam Azova, this time by integrating *people* on the vehicle. But then it's fig sculpting and this is not my strong point.

Anyway, here's a close to slip guy as integrated on the rear of the T-26

dead of T-26 tank


More figure sculpting (there is 4 on the workbench right now)

dead man in 1:35

More model making (the T-26)

Well, the internet is a great place to find reference -especially on Russian stuff. So between walkarounds and online books I finally foudn out how was done most of the interior for that T-26 tank, plenty of plasticard. I still have to do all the cases and stuff on each side of the direction bar.

T-26 russian tank interior modelling

So here is another view of the inside with the opening for the rear wheel.

here is the front and top of the T-26, lots of  Scale Hardware rivets added as well as a few PE details (that were left from the King Child diorama)

T-26 russian tank interior and exterior

Some modeler cliché perhaps? okay, "PE hell", accurate for those Aber fenders, the are really hard to solder 

T-26 russian tank Aber fenders





a T-26..

NO?!!!! yes.

I am actually building a *tank*. Just to know how it's done you know, I am very bad at tanks.

It's not that i don't like them it's more that I have only a couple of tank related ideas while when it comes to sea and boats I have 3 lifetimes worth of ideas and dioramas to do.

Anyway, I choosed a dog of a tank, the Russian T-26. Indeed I don't think all tanks can look well in a diorama, the eye slips on those that are too low methinks.

T-26 is quite high and not very gbig which suits my needs. if I am lucky with the model, it will end up in a diorama whose setting lies confortable inside my head.

a T-26 from Zvezda

So well how's Zvezda's kit? errrr,

Tet's start with the wheels, they are all done, it took me a week worth of evenings to trim, add some Grandt Line bolts a few photoetch bits left from the king Child to do those

T-26 wheels

T-26 wheels

1/35 Herons

I have been spending an evening looking at pictures of the Dniepr on Google Earth, fascinating tool and place..

Anyway, after albatross and seagulls I had a try at herons, the tip of the wings are done of CA glue coated paper, while the wings and body are in Green Stuff and Magic Sculp. The grey shades are Mr Surfacer.


1/35 herons

The King Child (feat. Pam Azova) Video

I had one friend home telling me some nice icy effects didn't render too well on my pictures, so here is a video. Music by Thomas Köner, first track of the Teimo record.

New website, new content

As you may have notice the website changed dramatically. Actually I built the CMS all by myself, but with the amount of stuff growing it became unstable as well as buggy -so much that I didn't had any pleasure at all to work on it.

So I have been transferring everything on Drupal with -halas- a few things missing which means here all the old step by step I have been filling through the past 4 years.

I still have the files and might transform those in downloadable pdfs here on this very website.

To make for this change, I have been adding a new video page and already started to upload on Youtube the 2 first parts of a Galilée SBS video. The completed movie should run around 80mn once I edited it.

I also removed the Spacemen 3 diorama which I consider being a failure and added that very old Helium diorama in the gallery page

Helium diorama from 1993

The King Child (feat. Pam Azova) is finished


I promise next time i will detail a bit more the build process. I grew lazy on that one. Anyway, after 6 month of work that new diorama is finished! Thanks for visiting as always

Pamyat Azova / The king Child finished

Yamamoto the *real* end

Ah well, the last issue .. i got some (small) Flak because the diorama was too flat, of course it is!
The diorama only works WHEN VIEWED ON TOP!!
Same thing with my previous one Rolling Thunder..
have a look below (okay I could have cleaned the boxes before taking the pics)
Looks like I have solved the place problem of doing dioramas in the middle of a big town.