The small groundcover is painted

Just that one single picture today -I finally ended up painting all my tiny ground cover bits, a mix of various valejo greens + some light vrown for dead leaves. I have been doing 2 series, the first is darker so that the leaves will be in less sunlit places while the second series is lighter. Of course, a lot of colour correction will have to be done when these ferns will be in place so that the '"logical whole'" rule is respected. Now half the reeds are done, but there is too few light now for me to take them in picture. next will be the washing bucket too which is already half done..

Painting the ground cover ... at long last

It has been quite a few time I didn't update this -got tired of my diorama. I can't believe it's been 7 months it's been started, i already dream about the new one.. oh well. And then i made some major changes to the website, 1 year after i launched it! It should be a bit lighter when it comes to bandwith. Yet today, i started it again -and considering the awful weather outside, i am likely to keep on working on it tomorrow!I start working again on the ground cover -i had already underpaint the ferns in green, and here i am paiting them individually. Trying to play with a few green mixes and also some brown/leather tints to add some variation.Of course some final colour corrections will be needed once everything will be in place.. I keep on playing with video too. So here I am basically painting a few leaves. It doesn't have much interest to be honest but well..

Finally the resin is done -the video!

I plan to film through the whole of my next diorama! here's a single try i have been doing a few hours ago by a raging cold. it basically show the resin block -and also some not entirely unexpected mistake that will be soon attended :) Below is a picture of the craddle simulation..

Finally the resin is done II

Here's a close-up of the final result. You may notice the problem with trapped air bubbles. there's a big one on the top that I will have to cover in some way. The water look opaque and so it will stay until I coat it with some kind of varnish like Clear Quote for instance. BTW you may notice some place near the air intake where you can see better through the water, well i have been treating it this way as a try.

A Strange device to get the stuff flat

So here's the mess I did to be absouletely sure the water would be flat : -create a box around the diorama -pouring the resin with some excess that will run on the wooden borders -press a glass surface on the top and keeping it on place with some of the devices that you can see on the picture (des '"serres joints'" en français). I have been doing that 3 days ago. It's mostly a success but I don't have any pictures yet! to be followed..

Why caring?

To explain what follows here is a picture I took this summer -it's more or less the kind of effect I want to acheive with this diorama. When the water is flat it *is* flat. the problem with the resin is that it *shrinks* which produces a crap effect when you immerge partially elements in it. Even more worrying is the fact that it never looks like a flat water. it creates some sort of uneven bumps -which ios really okay when you want to create a sea, but not it you want to create a pond-like water!

Just another coat of resin

Here is what the diorama looks like after 4 or 5 coats of resin. Note that most of these are now transparent -except some of the borders that i tainted with a semi -transparent blue mix to figure out extra depth (or so!)

The paint and the first coat of resin

here are the mixes I have been using for the paint: the more the resin will be close to the boat, the more groundwork will be visible, but then I want that the water looks almost blue the more you get far from the gun craddle. So here are my mixes of oil paint -transparent colours of course, though I began with a huge dose of paint to create an opaque bottom of the wate on the places where no groundwork is visible. This picture must show maybe the second coat of resin. Qquite a lot of stuff is already in the water!

The mould for the resin

See this friggin' pot? that's industrial stuff to help unmould the resin. I bought it 30 bloody euros. So the mould is in glass: it's flat, that's the great advantage of glass :) I use some very strong paper to glue packet to tie all the borders together.