The Canet gun is finished

finally, I added some bolts here and there -thanks for Mr Dave o'Meara for giving me those wonderful brown rivets :) Notice also the very small (0.4mm) metal rivets from Scale Hardware on the bottom of the gun, they were easier to put than expected thanks to quite long bits of metal holding them :)

The chimney #3

You may notice the special texture -done by basically screwing the whole process of photoetching, but never mind! it will be looking quite cool with my rusty mix on the top!

The chimney #2

So what are those things? took me quite some time to figure out when i was building my Izmail PT boat, indeed it's the place where the sailors put some signal lamps while sailing at night. You notice it's been done out of some rather ragged photoetch sprur I did previously

The chimney

So here's the chimney, it's a lump of plastic glued together basically -the trick is that it's very thin plastic so it will deform itself quite easely -the shape will not be that round anymore but it you observe some boat's chimney's you observe they take some bumps quite easely.

The stanchions

The stanchions are done in a quite risky way: glass beads for necklaces glued on some 0.7 mm thick brass tubing. the trick is to sand each of the wire's extremities so that theyt offer more adherance when you glue them. But I will add a very tiny drop of 2 components epoxy glue at each joints overwise I think i can suscribe to the fact I will have to reglue those every 5 minutes

The Craddle 2

Here are the border plates now glued (on my hands too), and with some D shaped Evergreen bit both on the top and the bottom of the side plates. Now i will need to mastic the whole of this work and to build the stanchions..

The craddle's side plates

Then I proceeded to bend the side plates, you may have notice on former pictures that I marked with some indelebile black pen the places where the front and back stairs will be, because I don't need any plates at those specific places.