A new website

It has been a long time but I took it to revamp a bit that old website, i just hope it's less slow and terribly designed than before


hell diorama in progress


here is my latest diorama called "Hell". 6 weeks + in the making. The point if there was one was to product a story only by using light.

The gallery is here

hell diorama 1/35


Number 8 diorama

I started that one last february but it got interrupted quite a few times. the horses are homemade, the gun is Bronco.

Thanks for looking here

Number 8 1/35 diorama

happy summer to everybody!

This is an in progress picture of my nextish diorama. plenty of thing still to do!

with good material!


Baba Yaga 4

New diorama, gallery here
A pleasant surprise as it was only supposed to be a water making exercise at first

AMMO MIG vs Rembrandt

About the misuse of the AMMO MIG stuff, what about trying to mix some Enamel wash with Gedeo Epoxy resin ? That works in a quite bizarre way: it does blend but yet it does not.. ideal to make oil leaks in the water if you prefer 

Also a nice way to make meat Mig and Rembrandt..

AMMO MIG Enamel wash

Mr Paint on helmets

That's me trying the Mr Paint paints. They're opaque inks / Alclads basically, they smell (stink) just like the Alclads and they're absolutely ideal to work with my direction of the light techniques.
So first picture is some Russian helmets primed with Alclad white on one side and gradiently to Black where the sun don't shine. (I know "gradiently" is not English) put you get the idea.

Second picture is a whole spray with some kind of luminous green Mr Paint does, it gets darker on one side, very light on the other.

Third picture is a final spray of Yellow Mr Paint where the sun hits.

Actually quite a lot of layers of yellow. Being sort of inks those create a very subtle overlay.

Those effects I used to work with GW inks, but they don't dry that fast while the Mr Paint does very quickly. And they also leave a very nice glow / glossy effect.
The final picture show a corner of a diorama I am working on. I used several other coats when the elements were in place.




Vampire 1/48

so I ticked "done"  in front of the  "diorama with sea through water showing a vehicle in it" line

Here is the second from the plane series, a 1/48 diorama with sea through water. i didn't build any base yet and I think it ought to get one. the colours are that vivid on the original diorama

See gallery here

Vampire 1/48 diorama

Another plane with Kursk somehow rescuing

I decided I would make a sort of "off" to my recent "View From a Bridge" diorama. That's it, doing the opposite of it, to sort of place it out of this earth.

Anyway, i started building this kit, the De Havilland Vampire as made by Trumpeter that has been described by some dude on a British forum as one of the worst kit of the decade.

So plenty to see ibn the work on Alclad, shades and all (please note the bluish tint on the underside)

But then I needed something to figure the recesses between the panels as well as some local shadows too (the highlights being provided by Mr Color's Silver), so here is AMMO stuff to the rescue! I tried the grimes sort of products on the top of the silver but it really didn't work, however, using these Kursk soil as well as rthe tracks washes really did the trick, even though the picture is a bit blured and some effects eaten by the reflection of light..

AMMO washed on Vampire


View from a Bridge diorama completed

Here is the View From a Bridge diorama, based on a picture of a F-8 Crusader that missed the bridge of an Aircraft Carrier.

I call that one not so much affectionnaly the 150€ diorama, because this is roughly what it cost me. The kit, the cockpit detail set, the figure (heavily modfied of course), the resin, the slicon etc etc. And I don't even count the 3 or 4 brushes ruined or the cost of the paint .

I also sort of blame this diorama as being a "Tory diorama", I mean, perhaps too classic, based on an actual picture etc.. Still I am very proud of my sea, and this is the first 1/72 plane kit I build in about 30 years!

View from a Bridge 1/72 diorama

Please see gallery here