the balkanization of the SBS

Let's face it, the diorama is almost finished. 1 week ago i added some planking around the scene and i am currently in the process of painting the figure, so it's just like it's finished actually.
I will as usual post a complete SBS in this site as well as in other places..
here are some early glamour shots about the diorama. No fig, no clothes but those i still didn't painted fully.

The lillies!

Here is a view of the diorama with the lillies on it!
I don't have any time right now, But i will explain the full process next time

Colour adjustments

Time to do the colour adjustements. You can see on the picture that the reeds are too clear compare dto the restof the diorama -at leats the lower parts. i will also have to darken the side of the groundwork that won't be facing the light. No problem with the boat parts as it was already done this way before.

Gluing the reeds

here is a detail picture of the reeds as glued behind the gun craddle. The picture is pretty crap but the light is terrible today. The trick is density, sure, I just hope I will have enough of them reeds so that it looks okay...

a bit of dirt

So well, of course if you see the amount of rust on the boat you can bet it spent already a few years stranded there, so there is no way thereis not going to get a bit of dust on the gun cradle. So here's the first part: I have been painting some of my paper leaves in a dead leaf scheme, took a bit of dirt, bark, twigs and Van Dyk Brown and put it in the supposed sense of the wind. I will add some more dead leaves soon as i think the effect is not that bad :)

A detail picture

I think it rather works actually. Now the next step will be to embed all the reeds etc.. of course a lot of colour correction will be needed *************//////////////////////////////''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''\*********************** I have been observing tha some people were searching for the Archangel article, well it's not there anymore, I have been selling the rights to Flagship Models who put it on a CD. You are most welcomed if you want to buy it :) ************see more here******************* Don't complain, I will buy a small DV camera and will film the whole process of my next diorama. btw, I have been shooting 2 hours with a borrowed camera the pictures down there, so i will have to do a big editing and will finally post a movie of sorts soonish :) JB *************//////////////////////////////''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''\***********************