Okay, now for the tricky parts to make: i indeed want the boat to be stranded and partially destroyed on a beach, i therefore have to make those wooden transversal parts whose name i never learned.
First trying to measure them and to use a drawing software to outline all 17 of them

I am tired with this kid, i shortened his head/hair but may wait for the week end before trying to do another head.
Time for the boat!
Thanks to Petr0s from Germany I have now some serious base to work with. the only problem with those plans are that there is *no scale* indicated. And I just can't read Russian to spot if there is a hint about this important matter in the text.
So this is another PT boat basically, one normal small Steam boat that was used by the Russians to sink a number of Turkish boats bck then in 1877 using some '"pole mines'" wich means some mines attached to some long poles...
The size of the boat can't be more than 12 meters long.
so here we go...

okay, now he has got a very stupid haircut (like he has got some grease in the hair or something). This is looking really bad but i guess i got carried on while using this Duro mastic.
There will be some extra triming to do around the jaw so that he doesn't look anymore like a little monkey too!

Well despite the nice and shinny website i finished to show my stuff, i didn't invented something which would forbid me to do gross typing mistakes.
Anyhow here's the kid, just a bit of sanding left, one hand is too big and eh eh.. the head.

The weather is just too bad to have decent lightning conditions to take thoss pics.
the hands look ok. I did 2 of them so that i can choose the best..
the lower part of the caot is done. this evening i start the top!

Well i got too busy on internet trying to look at the responses i got from my Archangel diorama:article to sepnd too much time actually modelling. However here are the '"trousers'" as well as the shoes.

and now with some extra Magic Sculpt..

OK that's it, just one week after finishing that Archangel diorama, I start a new one. My main goal for 2007 will be to make some kids in 1/35, so here we start...