Adapting the sea to the shore

I had to cut the base because the sea level would have been to high compared to the ground -well at some point i do definitely want the sea level to be quite high compared to the rest but not up to this point.

the sea #2

oh yeah not bad ;)
These are some pictures taken the following *night* -sorry for the flash- showing the sea after a first layer of sea foam (I will explain the process another day)

Doing the sea #1

Here's a picture showing you the 4 different steps i used:
-first I poured a whitey-yellow tinted resin at the bottom of the mould, this is to create the waves;
-after the resin begins to set, i took a brush and procided to stretch the stuff along the borders of the moulds so that it produces some kind of jelly;
-then some transparent blue to create the bulk of the sea
-then a final darker and opaque resin layer to '"seal'" the whole sea.

Now let's wait a full night to see how it goes..

#table setting to do the sea

remember to work outside or with an equivalent ventilated place, this stuff may certainly be hazardous to your health. So well, here it's at the bottom of the garden.

Work on the sand #4

Here is the final result -temporarily because I will have to manage to make a joint between the sea (when it's done) and the sand..

Work on the sand #3

I didn't design '"fake feet'" for not using them -so i first coated the dummies you can see 4 or 5 pages below in olive oil (okay, but I only had that near me) so that the acrylic paste doesn't glue to the feet and pressed them on the still wet mix...

Work on the sand #2

Pressing the various details in the '"sand'", like the bricks, the trace of the boy on the sand, bits of asbestos and plaster..

Work on the sand #1

Here is the sand near the rear part of the boat, the color is okay i guess, but i will have to shade the wood accordingly.

the blended sand

And here is what looks like the sand after 1 hour work of blending!

note that one good trick is also not to stir that well the paint of the microballons, as it will create if applied well some kind of color variations in the sand..