more forms and glass bricks

So here is one of the first electrical devices in transparent resin straight from the form.. followed by several others including the firsts of my glass bricks.

Then, As I thought I wasn't that clear about the figure, here are both man and dog in their definitive layout.


st for that diorama, the first being some glass apparatus for an electrical device (don't know the name of the thing, even in French), the second one is some glass brick for some factory wall.
To do the electrical thing I used some bottle from an old Verlinden (?) resin sprue as a base ...

while I used some old PE grid to make the pattern on the glass brick.

I then worked a plastic form around it and put some silicon over it.

Hey but how do you prevent *bubbles* in the form??

The solution was provided in the excellent "STATIC MODEL MANUAL Building - One hundred and one tips". Well, at the last pages of the fine book, there are quite a few pictures and explanations about the device you have to build to make a sort of pump that will suck out the air in the form. So, being mostly unable at 1/1 work, I went to my stepbrother who despite having a zero tolerance / interest for my little things accepted basically built the machine for me :)

In 30 seconds I had some wonderful bubble free silicon forms :) (to be continued...

Homemade Photoetch (again)

And now for something completely different. Homemade photoetch!! Not very fine I must say but enough for most of my 1/35 projects. it's been 5 years i am doing some now and I must say i have been streamlining it quite efficiently. The process is too long to be explained like that, but the first picture shows an insulated metal plaque.

The second one actually shows a trick: to dip it a few seconds in the etching tank, all the drawings must be really visible, if they aren't, you have to dip it again in the revealing acid!

And after an hour or so you get Rhine-gold..

So what was it for? Well some tiles on the floor, some letterings for a poster, some metallic round plaques for an electric device..

The dog and Alexander Kaïdanovski

Two posts in one today, first some murky pictures of the head I sculpted in Duro. He is Alexandre Kaïdanovski of Stalker fame (but also some nice Mikalkov movie I saw). Died pretty young because he drank too much. I already aired a painted version of that special sculpting bit.

Next is the dog. Not very big and of undetermined race. Just a dog basically.. Out of Duro and Magic sculp. I had to fill and sand it quite a bit after that last picture was taken


Here is the completed dog of Duro and Magic Sculp

MS is rather soft but doesn't glue to anything. yet it is ideal to do clothings etc. While Duro is more of a chewing gum texture and glues pretty well to a wire frame. it is also ideal for hair etc as it holds its details much better, but then you can't sand it well and it has not always the best "feeling". That was stupid from me to do that head in Duro only. usually I use some 30% Duro 70% MS for heads.. Mixing them is the way to go most of the time.

Potestas Clavium


the weather has been awful and the Masséna still awaits for its sea. So could it be I am scattering myself a bit? The big masséna lacking its figure and sea: 3 weeks worth of evenings job. I am currently working on a dio provisionnaly entitled "the End of captalism", and this very one whose SBS I start here and on facebook is already completed but lacks its base and -well perhaps a little bit of soul that i will try to figure out those next weeks before airing completed pictures.
So this will probably be the last SBS I am doing here before at least 6 months. This diorama will be small and a sort of attempt to tackle the decayed post Soviet Russia -think Prypiat and the like. I have 33 pictures to show, maybe more as it is not entirely finished. There will be quite a few techniques displayed, I hope you will like!
the rules of the game are the same as for the previous one: the SBS will run for at least 2 weeks with a minium of 5 posts a week, everytime with 1 , 2 or 3 murky pictures because I can't do anything better (yet this will chnage for further ones as I think i took the right path recently).
Anyway, here we start by once again modifying an unsound DML plastic soldier, rearanging arms, stripping the fig before adding some new clothes out of Magic Sculp and Duro

Back online and with some Masséna pictures!

After one week of being offline, here comes the website again. I thought I could post one picture to celebrate.

That's right I have been unearthing that old Masséna hulk that I built some 5 years ago, being wiping out the spider webs and proceeded to paint the monstrous thing