what's below the waterline #2

Here's another view. You may notice that the glass sheet to which I glued most of the elements is *smaller* than the upper surface, hey, that's because I need some placeon each side to pour the elements! Now you may ask why i didn't glued the elements to the upper glass sheet which will end up being the bottom of my mould? well, that's because I want the final water/resin to be easily unmouldable. This way, i will be able to grease efficiently all the surface.

what's below the waterline

OK, so here's the work in process. you will notice that I glued to a glass surface most of the elements that will be below the waterline, while taking care that the top of those elements just reach the waterline -which is here another glass surface the size of the dinal diorama

The idea #2

In this drawing (just send me a mail to get it big size if you will), i explain all the ways of the resin and how to bypass this '"retracting'" thing. the only way is just to mould the base while cutting everything below waterline. The following pictures should help you understand is the idea doesn't speak for itself

The idea of this diorama

let's take a break from ground cover will you? It is time to explain why I cut everything in half! Look at this picture below: there is no way that you can do this with resin, simply because the stuff retracts while drying...

The full Sokol elements

Here's a picture I have been taking for a forum which shows the complete parts of the Sokol I will use in the diorama.

Reeds #2

What i have been doing all week whenever I got a few time? that's right, reeds, reeds and reeds. I have 48 of them, I don't know how many I will be abble to use.. This week will be water lillies!

Reeds 2

So well, that was the theory. duro you see stays very plastic when it dries -i used it so that it would'nt broke when i would glue the leaves on it. It sure works, but then the stuff stays too elastic at those thin-ness rates i am working on! So i did only 4 of them that way. Then yesterday night I did 17 using some thin piano chord -it worked but then they all have the same thickness which is also a bit of a problem... So tonight i will try with stretched platsic sprue under a flame and we will see! I need at least 30-40 of those plenty of work still....


here are all the ingredients to create some reeds -well except 2 of the main ones! So the trick is to coat a small sheet of paper with superglue -it then takes a weird plastic texture and gets a lot stronger and very well cutable. Then cut all the leaves one by one! Then do some tubing with Duro so that one end is thinner than the other one.

Sokol's bits of things

I have been designing a few extra details like this wheels and also various smaller details for the diorama. but i will make a small pause with the boat and will get on with the GROUNDCOVER, now that's going to be fun :)

Sokol's chimney

And here is the chimney complete with all its accessories, i am quite pleased with it :)