Sculpting me day 8 & 9

that's no Hornet of course but that's close enough :)

Sculpting the main character day 8

Day 8 already, how time flies :) I fell in no mood yesterday evening to start the face, so i did the small details that were left to add on the trousers. Quite fun to do out of green stuff, no shaking hands are required. i had to do the small bits on the trousers a few time so that the size match. So tonight the face, maybe.

Sculpting the main character day 7

So yesterday evening I sculpted the top of the body as well as the arms -I finally attached to the whole some Nemrod hands. I still have the face and the details on the trousers..

Sculpting the main character day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I am awfully slow at sculpting stuff, what you see is the result of a short fortnight with not a lot of work involved. the torso and the trousers/boots are done: i have been using some Dragon end of boots because I didn't want top get bored to sculpt those by myself. The guy is dressed as a Red Hungarian Hussar circa 1920. There are some funny stories about those guys getting caught in the Russian revolution. I still have the head, the arms, the top of the torso to do. he is kind of very skinny, I took myself as a model for that one :)

Sculpting the main character

I say the main guy on the site -that's it there will only be one. For some next project of mine, I will have to really outstretched my sculpting talents, so this time, though I could probably have convert an existing figure, I preferred to sculpt it almost entirely for training. Problem is, I am a diorama maker, which means not particularly good at sculpting stuff. Anyway, here we go, first: bits of paper clips and a Magic Sculp lump for the body -let dry for the night

Hyacinths #9

I have done some 40 of them in 2/3 days, how boring :)

Hyacinths #8

Cotonwool is very responsive to superglue, and that's it that will bind and produce some strength to the whole -so just drop a bit of superglue in the '"tube'" and try not to touch it afterwards because you will glue your fingers and ruin your work

Hyacinths #7

Now with the tip of the blade, try to make the fern to take shape by bending some of the leaves unevenly

Hyacinths #6

Cut the cottonwool in excess

Hyacinths #5

Roll a length of cotton wool inside the '"tube'" that you did while rolling the paper fern