modeling the bottom of the hull

Here is a small investment I have been doing (cheapo on ebay), a circular cutter which is really very useful to cut out some 1cm+ holes in plastic. Sadly, the thing is that this tool is designed to cut out paper. It won't last long with platsic and then I have to find a supply of blades..
Anyway, here is the hole where the turret will pop out.

the top part is now completed

I glued the plate to the boat's skeleton and here we have the upper part partly done.
i will have to create the window's sides before being able to glue the other part.
Now I will have to start assembling the lower round part.
After that will stay the harder thing to do: the damaged metal plates.
oh yes and some riveting too!

cutting the windows

After all the sections had be glued together, i proceeded to cut out the intact metal plates -both the one that is inwards and the outwards one. I cut out the windows as well as seen here

Miliput in the holes

In order for the ties to be stringer , i have been inserting some miliput through them -when drying the assemblies will be really rigid.

Shortly after having taken those pictures, I switched for Duro, as it's softer and definitely less dirty to apply..

Wire for strength

I want to be able to manipulate the stuff without breaking anything. And it's not gonna be easy, so i used some wire. As the square shaped plastic I have been using is hollow, I will run those wires through it

Numbering the parts 2

So here I cut the parts and when those are done, I number them using an indelible pen and blacken the plan.

Looks stupid maybe, but applying some simple rules when I work allows me to save quite a bit of time when I start assembling the parts together