Applying the rust #2

... Then you take your cup, of whatever you use to mix your paint and you put some thinned black acrylic paint, as well as black, red, burnt sienna and yellow pigments.

Applying the rust #1

Now I applied the rust my way, but this time I used a far greaterrange of colours so that i could have high-highlights and dark shadows.
So the trick is to underpaint the metal bit in a rusty base colour, while also preshading the right parts with a blacker shade...

This evening i will paint the rust on the boat and hopefully the boiler too.

not much time left this week-end but I managed to get the boat painted -though without any pigments and rust.

.. second picture and on to more work

Now here is the first layer of paint applied to the fornt part of the boat -no weathering nor pigments nor whatever

here is the part 2 of the '"beach ferns'" SBS ;)
more professional looking!

here is the first part of my fern doing lesson

First the picture, and then what we want to do, but how to get there?

Now it's time to do the ground cover..

So now when i have the time I will certainly prepare this '"the 10 capital sins of diorama making'" bit; buf for the moment here is the theory: