Crash VIP

So this is the time for a bit of In progress shots. once again, the pictures are blurred, I should really take some photgraphy courses.

painting the car

Last pictures for a few days, Those last 2 evenings I painted the care wreck.

A mix of plaster and acrylic paint for all the undercarriage. A few pigments for the wheels.. All the shadows turn to purple. which is quite hard to figure over the green car parts but well..

The only non -blurred picture I took of the complete wreck. I will have to correct the lightning when I will put those on their definite place. And also to remove this terrible gloss that the acrylic paint does on metal parts! I should also add some more obvious paint scratches on the green parts.

Terrain modelling with lightning effect

Just those 2 pictures today.

I added some new plants though I still have to individualize them a bit better from their surrounding environnement, generally speaking repaint lots of mm²s and then I added that short pole. The end of it i will rework as the sort of knob look unrealistic

So the frist picture is done with the crap camera that i know how to use

And then the second one with the good camera that i don't know how to use

ground cover in scale

Terrain -earth,
Here are the first steps of road painting. Some more detail painting will come afterwards. I also made a raised terrain part out of plaster.

Fixing the grass tufts on some masking tape -a good way to airbrush them

Shame on my blurry pictures, some broom hair, grass tufts.. more plants are to come, as in real nature, the ground cover is *layered* and dense. The first lightning effects of the diorama are done. Shame on my blurry picture


Water and terrain

A bit of terrain modelling. Water.
A base done of plasticard, I pour some plaster in it and reserve an angled shape in which i will pour resin.
the material I used are strawberry roots, Model Scene grass, acrylic gels..

Then i sort of "dress" the hole

.. and pour some resin in it. That one was pretty much tinted in place, very dark. There is some green and blue and red, though my picture is rather bad.


Stitches and roads

Really cig paper is ideal fro shirts or any element that is in thin cloth. For trousers I would hesitate. I did it this time because this is a light summer woman trouser. If i were about to sculpt some bluejeans, I would have use Duro.

below a bit of road done of some layers of quite grainy sand gel and some much finer sand gel. i know Vallejo sells this kind of thing, but basically *but the cheapest brand available*, the stuff is just some gel medium with some stuff put in it!
Generally speaking btw, just buy Vallejo *paints* and nothing else from them.
But you can make some damn fine roads when varying the consistency and the thickness of the sand grains

paper clothes

Well, on to some old trick. I suppose I should never have regretted giving up smoking 10 years ago, but I shouldn't regret having ever beginning 20 years ago too.
Well, I don't know about my lungs, but when it comes to manipulate cigarette paper, to know about its strength and the possibilities of the material, ah, well this is something I know.

So that's paper

cut and bent on the right dimensions

zip zap and that's a shirt.

on to follow (but I will spare you the pictures) is a pair of trousers, some dress and various clothing items.

Lead foil rules

Really, plastic is not my thing, it is too soft you see. it is too thick for modelmaking. The angles are too soft.
Lead foil is my thing :)

So here I am, flattening some lead foil over a car bit (can't remember what's the name of the metal thing above the wheel) so that it gets its shape completely

Then I did that on some engine apertures
lead foil on some model parts
I strengthened (slightly) the whole with some CA glue and Duro, filled and then  sanded some too obvious crevices and in the end I have this: a "perfect" molding of the car bits after having been bend by a quite terrible blow.


Model making is tedious

Well while the corrections on the girl are drying, on to something I don't really like: model building.

Too much little pieces I didn't even design, in plastic (what on earth I am doing in modelling forums :))

on we go, cutting, sanding.. Good quality model but there are some molding marks and this is very tedious to do

Let's get a bit of revenge and cut the heck out of those wheels

And rebuild them on my own way, with a bit of the lower chassis of that soft skin


The whole girl is sculpted

Well, here is the girl as she was yesterday evening. Just a regular one really, not particularly beautiful nor big. She is the way I wanted her to be -except the neck which seems to be way too thick, maybe a bit of careful sanding on the right side of the face.