Sokol's bells

So only 1 picture for such an extensive job.. anyway, here you have some thermoformed plastic for the bell, bent brass tubing for the various intakes and plasticard

Sokol's air intakes #6

here is the final air intake, okay, the shape is not *that* round, but I promise it won't be seeing too much in the final diorama :) I added a bit of plastic on the bottom to end up the shape as well as some D shaped evergreen sheet to circle the 2 openings of the round parts..

Sokol's air intakes #6

And here are the 2 parts after trimming, ready to be joined and mastic-ed!

Sokol's air intakes #4

When the plastic begins to change shape and to lower, press it under the shape. Okay, this is how it looks like, notice the stretched holes, that's actually an accident, because the plastic was too close to the light, but notice how this could be used quite efficiently to create a really rusty air intake!

Sokol's air intakes #3

I tried different ways of heating the plastic -under the lit gas oven I only managed to burn myself while holding the thick (1,5mm ) plastic sheet, under one single flame, icouldn't manage to get enough plastic melting! So i finally got round this stupid problem by holding the sheet of plastic under *4* different candles!

Sokol's air intake #2

I then glued this master to an appropriate shape to do the vacu-forming.

Sokol's air intake

back again for good. Well, 6 pictures for such a small work might appear a bit stupid, but i have them so... those intakes where done from surprisingly thin metal, and their peculiar shape led me to no other choice than to vacu-form the shape in 2 parts. The first part was to build a master. I then cut 2 plastic rounds to the right dimensions of the upper and lower parts and used some Magic Sculp to sculpt the shape, I then sanded the final master.

Sokol's craddle viewed from below

Here's the same craddle viewed from below.. It's the last entry of this blog till end of august now :) happy hollidays for those who are taking a bit of well earned ones :)