The Kid #2

.. this and my 3/0 brush is good for the dustbin.
I am fairly happy his face will end up facing the sand!

The Kid #1

Now painting its own creation..
I just understand those painters being unhappy when the sculpture is not good enough.
he's very small, but still what a mess!

The diorama is finished?

Well, I just have the kid to paint but yes it is!

here's what it looked like in my garden one hour ago!

I only put some black painted balsa frame around it and will have to think of a decent extra frame -though I am so bad at this kind of sport that i will probabaly ask somebody to do this for me.

Shadows/highlights on the waves

Of course i used a white-blue-grey mix to do the foam -not just white. But then those white waves just didn't have any depth to them;
So i got back a bit of the blue-black mix i used for my resin and mixed it with some Humbrol Clear Cote, and just look at the result: here i do have some depth!

The shore

Once my sea was successfully tied with the ground, i had to create a real shore. I poured another layer of blue-black tinted resin -more black in the longer end.
Then I had to make the foam which I did following the technic below. Another tedchnic I used was to dip the wood or metal parts of the brush and then to just touch the resin surface with my white acrylic gel mix. It created some bigger and flatter surfaces.
I then blended the whole with my brush -normal way.

Just -and yet another time- remember to use FEW paint with your gel!!

Color adjustement

As I was pretentious enough on that one to fake a light direction, I had to corect the colors and mimic some shadows in some specific places -this is why I had to paint back some parts of the boat/shore in some darker colors..

Extra water

I had done the water too small for the diorama! so here's how I fixed that. Waiting for the resin to be half set and then put it on shape on the base.

The Sea Foam

So here is how I do the sea foam -pretty straightforward and efficient. The trick is to mix very few paint with the acrylic gel because the gel's volume reduces pretty much while drying -if you don't use much, the white colour will be seen only in the places where you put a lot of the mix -the blending will be perfect :)

The joint

Here is the joint between the sea and the shore -i will need to pour another layer of resin in order for this joint to be smoothed.

The sea and the base

So i used some Magic Sculp as some sceal material between the sea and the shore -I will add another bit of my speciul mix of sand tomorrow!

And here you can notice the big failure of my sea! it is actually *too small* for the shore!
so either i cut the shore (unlikeley) or I add some bits of water/resin on each corner (next week-end)
Sounds like the second solution will be the best!