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Various techniques for the Firebird diorama

I have less time now to do SBS in forums or my own site like I used to, but yet i thought I could share some of "my" techniques that i used for the Firebird diorama. product placement? for the most part, say this to my bloody wallet!!
Mr Paint -now it's been less than on year i found about those, but I now can't live without. Fact is, I have been using Citadel inks for decades now whenever I wanted some glazing on my vehicles (boats mostly). Now I just spray some of my own mixes over gradients of black to white primer an  I get the colour and lightning I want. The downside to those (except the price) is the fact you just can't find any "blue" or "red" or anything for diorama making really. You have to go through "Albatros L-39 from Czech army 1980-1990 green" type of descriptions which as far as i am concerned is not very useful (wtf is an Albatros L-39??)
Mr Paint on a T-35 turret
you see? nice direction of the light! thanks to that (oh dear) US NAVY gloss Blue or whatever, if you prefer a dark blue grey ;) (but i love you Mr Paint!)
Mr Paint on a T-35 turret
simple trick here, as those are inks they accumulate in the recesses hen you spray too much of them! here it left the grey primed upper surfaces of the DT intact...
Mr Paint to paint a Degtyarev machine gun
Ääh, My old chum Uschi, and his lovely logo. His metalic powder I only have good things to tell about. for the use I have of those, any of the 3 pots he sells are equivalent and I always use the first one I find. Well, they *play with the light*. On some angles you won't notice anything but you turn your head a bit, the lighting source changes and then they're bright as silver! Love those.. I used them for the railway tracks of my Hell diorama to a great effect (I thought)
Uschi's metalic powders
Weathering... I was first a bit doubtful about those ready made products all invented by the one and only Mig Jimenez. But then I tried them and I thought they were great. Truly. Now like every ready made product, I would'nt use them "as is". that is I can't seem to find exactly the right tint everytime I need one so I mix them quite a lot! The Blue for Panzer Grey and the more sandy stuff are among my preferred (and used there with regular oil paints) 
AMMO Mig weathering products