Incidentally, this is a portrait I tried to do. The girl I am doing the portrait off would feel like Ripley in front or her "former tries" in Alien 4.
But this one is good enough

New figure sculpting

Well, I sort of missed the company, so I am back again with yet another diorama and yet another story to tell.

It will be a creepy one and certainly as much insane than Baba Yaga, but yet there won't be any dead person in it.

So I start again by attaching some Duro to wire and to sculpt hands and feet separately.

Then, the head. Actually it's my 5th try.
Sculpting heads is intense and very difficult as far as I am concerned, so the 4 first tries (count one evening for each) would be okay for soldiers drowning under water, but not okay to be shown like this.
yet on the 5th evening I did this : Good enough to be photographed and shown here, but not enough to be included in the scene.
rejected head sculpting


Baba Yaga finished

So that's the summer and I will take a bit of rest for dioramas, Baba yaga is finished. Thanks for all the support I had for that one!

I must say I still didn't manage to take some good pictures of that thing. fact is that I should change the base and put it on a piedestal, because of that diorama to work, light has to flow from underside of it so that the transparency of the water could be very obvious.

More to follow I suppose..

gallery here

Covering the block

Here is Baba "babe" Yaga after a lot of extra trimming, a new right hand and thinned down ankles and wrists, she is now ready for paint.

But the scene progressed too, here is the bridge painted with acrylics -a 10 minutes work, improvising with white black, brown and green

A bit of mud on one of the corners, and there will also be some dead branches ave the underwater ones, some are seen painted on the right of the picture.

The surface of the resin is not that glossy, thanks to the product I used to help unmoulding the block. But a good coat of varnish by the end of the work and it should look fab'


After some 4 or 5 days pouring resin coat after resin coat I got that :

looks eerie. It looks like this when I put it on my table (no particular light effect

And now as viewed with a light behind -just for the sppoky effect



And this is where the fun part starts, driving blind and engineering.

Do you see this picture? here I show the bits of the bridge as they will be seen from under the water -the place where those will be cut will be the water level.

Next I have been building a plastic box that I have been "gluing" on a small glass sheet. then with modeling paste for kids I place the soldiers and the bottom of the bridge. face down. i also have been cutting the tips of their hands for further use

So if you flip the diorama on the other side, that what you see:




Dead Snow

Well I still took one week worth of evenings (in a lazy fashion still) to paint those.

Acrylics, then oils then acrylics, they don't need to be perfect really. Those are dead which explains the eyes and very white complexion. You may also notice that I have been doing some highlights with very viivid green hues on the top of the bodies, that's because that's that will be the most noticeable by the end of the diorama.

And for those who wonder, Yes I have seen Dead Snow, and No this diorama is definitely not influenced by Dead Snow. It's a very funny movie but I prefer my deads being less cliché.

this one has got his highlights on the front body contrary to the others

More German soldiers

More German soldiers.
Shame on me I bought that thing..
15 years i didn't buy some dragon things and I was FAR from impressed, even that Gen2 stuff looks weak. Oh well, I wasn't about to sculpt those pockets, badges and stuff anyway

the first soldier, well, there aren't much modifications: new "legs", the head i sculpted I fixed.. Well, usually people here sculpt *the body* and give the head to Hornet. I don't think this way: what has the most personnality? the head or the body of a person? The *features*, the *personnality* of the figs I include in my dioramas must be 100% mine. So I leave the generic stuff to Dragon, the hands to Hornet, but the heads are *me*

The other one is more interesting. I put him is great coat as floating around him, that's 100% Duro. it's quite good to do those drapes even if they end up being a bit thick.
It's time I go back again to visit those figs forums to learn one trick or three more.

Well, I like the position of that guy..


heads and stuff they don't need

Here are a bunch of heads, all sculpted at the same time. No ears they don't need those. Some eyelids are actually missing on those In progress shots.

They don't need to be as nice as Baba's -yet I happen to be pretty happy about the one the more to the left.

The one which is the more to the right is actually a first version of baba's head herself

So here is the first of the soldiers as done, quite ghostly position. No legs he doesn't need those. I ddin't fixed the helmet. the buttons are made of Magic Sculp and the hands are from Dragon.

Now there is a commonplace in modelling build logs that I can truly not understand. It's the "Well, I built that (engine..) and took great care in that, but now everything will be closed and nobody will be able to see the work".

Heck if nobody can see the work, then your work doesn't exists, as simple as that. use your time in more constructive manner.

Here is the back of the guy, nobody will ever see it :)

And now for something completely different

I need a small bridge for Baba to stand on. So here I am sculpting some light wood (not balsa, something in my box I couldn't identify)

The "feet" of the bridge are in fact made of an old brush

I had a very good reference picture on some old bridge done for fishermen, showing some very ragged planks and even a badly cut trunk being used. That  bridge is the carbon copy of that one.

of course, most of the bridge's feet will be deep in the water