The base (Fossil 2 diorama)

Here is the way now i am doing the bases for the Fossil series. first a plaster base -that's simple, I just pour plaster in a vague form done out of plasticard that i sand afterwards.

Then when cleaning my plaster dish, I put one the water with the plaster wash on some plastic surface that I leave to dry.

Then I break it with the hands and "glue" it on the plaster base using some ultra diluted plaster.

I just have to trim it and paint now.


Fossil 2 sculpting the figure

So here we go with finishing the fig (including the watch)

Second day, I had to cover the whole of the body with Magic Sculp/Duro.

Like they say in the Lord of The Rings movie "What about their legs, they don't need those".

yep in my ref pic, the bones are sticking out like that, sorry for the details. I also put a picture of the face while i was sculpting it, I added the teeth with an X-Acto 

When the whole was dried, I added some "dust" on the body -quuite a lot actually, i will have to complete the texture using pigments on the painting stage

The left picture shows the fig in the same position as the original -that is he got one hand in the other. i quite liked the "raised hand effect". I will further work on that on Part 3.


Fossil 2 here we are

So here is the second part of my Fossil Triptych (out of 3 eh..).

So I was giving a website course some 10 years ago and I had that girl saying to me at the pause with some weird voice just like she had some hair on the tongue "Well my boyfriend died in the mountian a few years back, they found his body only two years later and you know what? His Breitling was still in working condition!" 

So Then I got in mind that guy's picture with a big wrist watch on his hand, poor fellow's body was totally burned and I asked myself if his watch was still in working condition.

First let's bend a bit of brass

Then let's cover the brass with a mix half half Duro/Magic Sculp.



I finished the Gökçedag diorama a few weeks ago! That was the mystery diorama, no trace in the blog :)

See more pictures here : Gökçedag

G?k?eda? diorama completed

Painting the boat

Painting the boat was the usual wet on wet technique, complete with (very few) Mig pigments, I did it in quite a short time compared to the wall bit. That's a mostly gallery post  but  there is a trick after one or 2 pictures

Russian PT boat 1/35

So have a look at the picrture and what do you notice? left side is grey, right side is yellow, how does it come? that's not only because the outdoor line came from the right, no, it's because *in my diorama, the light will come from the front*. Actually, the boat will be oblique relative to the scene. So thanks to my airbrush and a few hours of cork I managed to recreate this effect of light. remember that for me a diorama must come with its own light embedded and not rely on external sources of light to work..

That is most visible on the bellow picture

Russian PT boat 1/35 Russian PT boat 1/35 Russian PT boat 1/35

And now here is a preview of the diorama. That's right, it just needs a few groundwork as well as painting my wife and last but not least, do a good sea!

Diorama preview Russian PT boat 1/35

Diorama preview Russian PT boat 1/35

Video.. the complete Fossil diorama in 20 something minutes

I had the rather good idea of letting the camera rolling while building most of the Fossil diorama, here is what it gives after a short montage. No text, just images, so that's a bit boring but some techniques are pretty different here.

Painting the wlls of Regulus

2 hours and the half spent to paint roughly 10cm², would you believe it? and yet..

so that's after the first hour, half of the work on the small detaily porch are painted, but that(s nothing compared with things to come

Starting painting the walls of regulus









That's it, after 2 and the half hours, and hundreds of acrylics glazes, a few pigments melted with paint, and more washes..

Of cours there is a direction of the light here.. though not that obvious. I want the wholme to be taken in a luminous fog.

Here is another bit of wall I done during last week.

Back from the cold -the diorama setting

really I couldn't work so much in the shed with those temperature -at 0°C i tend to drop things a lot and that already cost me a diorama two years ago.

Anyway here is the setting for the Regulus diorama.

the diorama setting

One very important thing I do is that I *never* set up the definitive dimensions of a diorama as long as I didn't tested it with all its elements in place. because I don't want big empty spaces or that the diorama could appear totally crowded.

Anyway, during that lapse of time where I didn't touch that one I changed the setting and the different elements composing the diorama: exit de self portrait and the torpedoes.

here are some other views

More about the regulus diorama setting

Extra details on the plaster walls

Fossil finished

So that's it, the Fossil diorama is finished. Of course that's an historical subject, I think a lot of people could guess what i actually showed in that one. Anyway, I thought it was too dark and violent to be shown in fourms so I stayed that one only here or in facebook. Maybe i will go a bit more in the open next time!

Thanks for looking. The rest of the pictures are in the gallery here.

Last minute note: why on earth those colours? Because the colour photographs taken during that era, and of this event showed those kind of colours.. Those are the ones of old argentic films exposed at not very friendly lights. It's more interetsi,ng than the real colours if you prefer :)

Finishing the Fossil diorama

Now let's paint the plaster base. DON'T seal it! plaster is great precisely because it drinks the water. Anyway, i used much diluted Valejo air paints, wet on wet on wet etc

painting the base

The big shadow is of course the place where the half hollow metal sheet will be, the dark traces on the clear ground are the shadow of the poor fellow.

Then I put some vallejo pigments fixer and dropped some pigments at the right places and in the end i just had to paint the guy, mostly with pigments, half diluted in acrylic paints.

Notice that most of the diorama is mat, except the helmet of the guy which is gloss white. you wouldn't believe the final effect! the eye is really attracted by that simple thing

painting the figure for the Fossil diorama