Back to the boiler for the time being -thanks to Mr Pete Vill, i now know that what i took for an empty space between the boiler itself and the steel plates aboves was in fact covered with ropes and then with plaster, so that it could do some sort of isolation layer and therefore keeping the energy inside the boiler so there it goes: first unglue the steel plates (*sigh*, the lenghths you have to go to be accurate.. ;)

Now with the fixed head on the body -looks like a lot of sanding will be needed..

Now here is is complete with eyes and ears!

Kid's head, wedenesday attempt.

Now it's getting better -I mean he doesn't have any eyes, any ears, but the shape -though Gollum like looks more like what iw anted to acheive.

I used a needle, a n°10'ed X acto knife and an old modelism knife to shape it, but the stuff i have is way too thick. I will see this evening how i can add some details to eyes, thin the nose and all, but I *may* be on for another head sculpting evening..

back to the kid's head -here's tuesday evening failed attempt!

I had the rather bad idea of sculpting it without a base, which means I kept on deforming the skull with my fingers in the process of sculpting the face..
it is also a bit too big.

And then i shouldn't have sculpt it with a hairy jumper on -the fig collects the hair!!
with a bit o sanding he could look cool, but he has got too much of an adult face -or even his enormous ears make him look like Buddah.

Another view of the completed incomplete boat :)

The complete boats bits..

The pole mine itself, what a pain the ** to do that one!

The boiler, with doors made from Magic Sculp.

The rear part of the Boat, with lead foil and Roal models photoetch screws.