That's the time of year again. A new facebook as well as my own site diorama SBS. That one should be completed in a bit less than three weeks with 1 post per day except on week-ends. It is small, not my best, but a couple of points should please and prove useful to some..
It doesn't have any title yet except for the rather cryptic "meat", but anyone coming up with a new one while the SBS is going on should tell me :)

So well, it's 11/11 nicht wahr? When you read good litterature about war -we're talking here of first person accounts (not bloody Jean Mabire, french readers!) like for instance Céline's 50 first page of "Voyage au bout de la Nuit" or even -why not- bastardy yet good French author Guy Sajer's "Forgotten Soldier", you are left under the strong impression that war is all about meat. That's the sort of grinding dioramas I will be doing -and yet, I promise there won't be any cut limbs or whatever.

For starters, I don't like spending money on models, and the rare times when actually spending any, I try to do the best out of it. Indeed I already did two dioramas with that Bronco Gaz-69 kit and I still had the unused engine left, which I will be building for the occasion.

Gaz-69 Bronco model

product placement? perhaps, i don't care. Without that Flex I File Touch n'Flow thingy, I wouldn't have been able to glue that tiny engine..

Here are the bits of the kit that will be used in th diorama.

Bits of the Gaz-69 kits that will be used in this diorama



The Minoga diorama

Sorry for not having posting anything in months. I have been working on something like 4 dioramas at a time. more recently i finished that diorama whose picture below is a teaser. it is for The Weathering Magazine which should be out in December or January or when they can really.

Anyway, i have been forbidden to post any picture of the completed diorama for the time being. I should really have refused this, but oh well, I have lots others coming soonish, including a possibly great one.

I should be posting a complete SBS of my latest smallish diorama starting at the middle of this week.

Russian submarine Minoga


Finaly finished after 4 years and the half, see more here

Still Life

Just a few days before finally posting the completed Seddul-Bahir diorama (4 years in the making), here is a small experiment that i started a few weeks ago as a side project. I failed it mostly because some bubbles stayed trapped. uyet there is a nice amber feel about it.

The idea and settings was picked almost completely from a sepia photograph which is quite well known, sadly I can't remind who did it, so if anyone knows, please feel free to drop me a line!

In the meantine it will end up as a desktop clipboard I suppose.. or as a gift or on ebay (why not)

Still Life with TurtlesStill Life with TurtlesStill Life with TurtlesStill Life with Turtles


Potestas Clavium

My new diorama Potestas Clavium -of course I will resume the SBS soon after :) This is actually a diorama that is on since end of January and I am quite happy to put it on air at long last.
thanks for looking here

painting the groundwork

Okay so now most of the elements are painted. The letters were done with the hairspray method: rust brown under faded red paint. the whole makes a bit eerie. Sadly i don't have a better picture of those for now..
And then a closeup of the terrain itself complete with shadows etc.. i put the X-Acto blade so that you have an idea of the rather tiny size of the layout

Painting the base

And now just one picture for today -but with a bit of colour. that's it Vallejo Air paints (the number one paints to clog airbrushes), some of their base paint (grey, white and Panzer Gray) and then lots of masking tape so that I can airbrush each of the tiles independantly from the other.

Even more plaster work

So here is more plaster work, which means designing what will be *above* the water level.

Some half set plaster chunks put on plasticard trying to make them correspond with the flat parts above water level. Then I pressed the figure in the still wet plaster to get the shape right.

Then some plasticard glued, let's pour plaster in and here we have two halves of wall angle.. then let's sculpt the individual bricks

Potestas Clavium groundwork

How a bit of groundwork?? those pictures are sort of fake because this very version pictured here currently lies down the drain in the garden. I had to do all this all over again because of a basic failure I did.
(more on that later). I still post them because I did exactly the same thing a few weeks later.

Anyway here is first a plastic sheet with all the tiles glued, then this plaque put into place on a thick plastic base. then some plaster to add some relief and details.

At this stage you may notice that the level stops abruptly at roughly 6mm high.. All the extra relief will be added afterwards.

Memel (the End of Capitalism feat. Vladimir Putin)

A new diorama again! I think it belongs to the "not so bad" category. I had to do it basically 2 times as I missed tje resin the first around which led me to buy another time that same model (Bronco's Saloon Coach Opel).

You can see the full gallery Here