List of dioramas i will come with at SMC

Sadly the whale won't make it! It is so big it takes half of my suitcase. However I intend to come in Holland with 3 of the big ones -Ranzan, Hell and View from a Bridge. Then about half of the littles ones I did those past few years, including the whole Baba yaga Series

And perhaps that one too

Scale Model Challenge 2015 Eindhoven

As some of you guys know, I will be in Holland next week-end at Scale Model Challenge, and I intend to show techniques for the whole day (except for some time at lunch in order to eat (yes) and visit a bit the show :)
So why you should pop in to say hello at my table if you have any interest at all in terrain modeling?
- I have nothing to sell
- It's the second time in 25 years IO live my home to show my dioramas
Well I have that Dickens kid like figure from Kaha miniatures that Fancagne Didier offered me last year. Not much my style at first glance, but this is a nice occasion to go out of my beaten paths and do a nice base throughout that day. 
Morning means building: modeling a sea / water surface
while the stuff sets, i'll show a variety of terrain making techniques earth and sand and even perhaps, stumps modeling if I have the time
Afternoon means painting : actually pouring resin so that the scene looks like a water surface! adding ripples, and last but not least, global painting using AMMO Mig acrylics,
Ammo Mig and Chtz
overlay techniques using Mr Paint inks
Mr Paint and dioramas
and water modeling and tinting thanks to Pebeo products.
Pebeo and water making