Arranging the 100mm bubble

Then i cut a platic striped the same height as the upper section and glued it inside the hole and recovered the whole with some Magic Sculp (look at the picture). Well I am quite late for this blog, The next instalment will be on friday :) And thanks Charles!

The 100mm gun space

Ah well, on my original plans I had overlook some big bubble on the top of the hull which is the place where one 100mm gun (5 inches?) gun was fixed. So well, here i vacuformed the place using a light bulb of the right dimensions!
Now will I make the gun itself?
Well no.
Simply because there is no reference at all findable!! I have been asking in french forums but they proved to be an almost desert. I can't believe the amount of stuff I have on pre 1917 russian stuff compare to the scarcity of the french stuff.
Curse the French.

back to the hull

Despite my relative silence there, I have been doing giant steps on the diorama.
Here I can introduce the rear half of the upper hull -done out of voluntary failed photoetch, so that i copuld have some weird textures. And then why photoetch?
Well i needed some small rivits holes evenly spaced on some places to help the painting later. You can't beat ciomputer to align stuff properly so thgis is what i have been doing :)

The portholes

Well, I got some issues with the upper hull this week-end. i somehow forgot to do one of the photoetch fret so this part is in standby still i manage to create it. That's a long process which has in a way nothing to do with real model making!
But in the meantime it seems that one of the 3 goals I wanted to reach with this diorama is finally reached: this is the *streamlining of the photoetching process*.
It's still a bit long to create one fret, but I think i really master the process and am able to do the fine parts I need.
It seems the only downside to my method is the quality of the printing to the acetate/transparent paper.
Here is the fret I used for the portholes: