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Some special kind of framing

Now the reason for my late, I had to buy a "router" not sure it's the right word, but that's a machine to carve wood.

Anyway, here are some sheet of wood cut in angle and painted in black.

They are fixed using that corner machine 

And I end up getting that case with a glass cover

Yamamoto the end


Slowly reaching to an end, hey I just found back the missing pictures!
So here are more Fredericus Rex jungle plants. Really I don't know where they found some of their species so I didn't improvised much and set for sort of palm plants as I know some grew near the wreck.
The small ones were once again shaped using a modelling knife pressed fern by fern against a packet cardboard (very soft).
Another Frederics rex set, this time a green one (you have the choice between tan and green for colours but I made the mistake of not specifying the "right" one for my order)
So well, those bigger palm ferns, I put them into shape using the palms of my haand like shown here, and pressing my modelling knife against it. it's smooth enough to avoid any tearing up the fragile paper
The central nerve is done by overloading a brush with acrylic gel and then let it run at the right place! This is very important to figure that one.. And that's pretty hard to achieve the right result
Anyway, after all this work,  i call that 6 bllllooooodddddy months work (please read with teeth clenched) finished, fed up with it really, groundwork is hell!!
Ah, what was my goal at groundwork? like I think i told, in that book I mentioned there was something about downed pilots spending 1 week of walk to do 3kms, and how to be downed over the jungle meant sure death.
 HOW ON EARTH IS IT POSSIBLE? You can imagine something thick but well, you can walk through nature can't you?
I think that's by watching something on that Japanese Suicide forest near the Fujiyama that I might have an answer (but maybe you guys may have another one), 
You walk on something that is just not solid at all, just roots, leaves stuff like that so you fall constantly. this is what i wanted to overload the place with nature, even though the groundwork is not very high (and you will see why down that page) I wanted it to produce this overcrowded effect..
Anyway a few pics of the finished work -and don't forget to scroll down because the real surprise is below ;)
Note that the black base is sticked on some bit of wood

Yamamoto the *real* end

Ah well, the last issue .. i got some (small) Flak because the diorama was too flat, of course it is!
The diorama only works WHEN VIEWED ON TOP!!
Same thing with my previous one Rolling Thunder..
have a look below (okay I could have cleaned the boxes before taking the pics)
Looks like I have solved the place problem of doing dioramas in the middle of a big town.

New ideas

Well sorry for not posting that much it's simply because my head is just totally elsewhere which doesn't mean I lack in new ideas.

A few of those?

- In 187? out of revenge for some sort of "treachery", the French attacked the Chinese, sank a few boats and destroyed all the forts on the Yang Tse by taking them in reverse. But then, the french fleet (some of my preferred french boats ever like the Bayard for instance) couldn't drive too fast because of the Chinese soldiers bodies that jammed the propellers.

- There is a very beautiful and well known picture of an American sailor face down on a beach after Pearl Harbor, it's a very beautiful picture, sadly i couldn't find it while searching for it on the net.

- The Baba Yaga boxed  diorama -all my youth I had those Russian stories book that my godfather brought me back from the USSR, those were illustrated handsomely by famous Russian painter  Ivan Bilibin who died in the Leningrad siege. Well, a lot of them were about Baba Yaga, number one sorceress of the Slav world. I would like to do my own Baba Yaga as a handsome lady lying face down on one of those flimsy wooden bridges like the Russians do , well she would feed the dead lying in the marshes below. Some sort of mix between Barbarossa, Tokien's  dead marches, and Ivan Bilibin.

- Searching for some videos on Youtube, I fell on one which apparently showed some American soldiers shooting some Japanese sailors asking for help in the water. It could well be a fake -even though when you see the American sailors they shoot with a BAR at sea level. Whatever, I think there is some idea here, because I could show blood in the water and also the shock of bullets hitting the water. Great technical challenge.


- you know Contemporary Art? I must say that despite having lived with a girl that sort of worked in that and having a more than reasonable knowledge about it, I am really highly suspicious. Whatever. You know Joseph Beuys? German artists, works with grease etc.  Now what's interesting about it is the way he found that: the myth says he was shot down while driving  a Stuka and that he was almost dead at the ends of some Tatars that healed while covering him in grease. I was thinking I could do a half dead near a Stuka wreck and call the diorama Joseph Beuys only to annoy search engines.




Eventually -you know how I call this "death dioramas", well it might change into "experimental dioramas" one of these days, actually I intend this place to be some sort of Labs.


Starting the T-26 painting

Now the Blacken -It is really an amazing product. I thought it blackened the metal Friul tracks but it doesn't really. they get some sort of rusty sandy tint which is spot on. With even some natural weathering here and there. When you rub the tracks with your fingers they start to get a darker color etc. Really good.

Now I just fixed them in place without overpainting them and started my usual painting process on the wheels. This is not bad looking, but nbot very precise and some work will be needed still.

Friul tracks with Blacken it on T-26


Here is a view of the other side of the tank, with more weathering attempts on the lower part of the hull. Work in progress I say.

T-26 wheels unweathered