Sokol diorama blog

A bit of colour theory

One day late compared to what i wrote, sorry for this. Time to explain something about this diorama: i want to create some light effect a bit comparable to the one I did on Koktebel -which means, a sundown, which will tint all the colours from one specific angle. The picture below is pretty carricatural of course as the '"other'" side of the gun is certainly as a work in progress state, but yet, most of the side that won't be bathed by the sun will appear *a lot* darker, with very few high highlights etc. I have been sitting in my garden quite a bit these past days, looking at what the sun was doing at sundown, and it certainly tints the green in a very beautiful shade. Oh well, maybe it will end in the dustbin too. that won't be very easy to paint each element according to the position of the sun, and to set the shadows of each object according to all the other objects etc etc.. But then I could also do the same diorama over and over again, but I won't :) btw, I have been adding a *new* diorama in the galleries, it's called '"The Abbey'", and is from 1994/1995..

Let's do the rust...

To prepare the rust, i need some pigments (Windsor & Newton) as well as '"leather'" coloured paint + black. I use Vallejo. I also need the top of a DVD case, why? because when you mix your pigments you tend to blow a biot of air here and there, and the borders are here to help you not to tint your working surface. the colours are: yellow, red, van dyk brown, black, sienna and burnt sienna. i try at each diorama not to use the same ratio -sop this time i went high with sienna and Van Dyk Brown + quite a bit of red for the highlights.

How to apply the rust..

I use the same technique for 15 years! first I roughly mix black and leather paint with a bit of water -quite a bit in fact, the mix is pretty liquid, then i apply the dark mix precisely where the rust will be. then, when the paint is still wet, i blend some leather coloured paint unevenly on the top of the mix. then -with a paint still wet -I load some pigments on the brush that i dried more or less with a tissue, and i lightly touch the surface. The trick is done!

Clear rust on dark paint.

In my Tsushima diorama, i had to apply the rust on a white paint -this went quite smoothly, but if I had to apply the rust on a black or dark coloured ship the things would have been different. I have been observing the fences near my home and it seems that before attacking the metal, the rsut, first discolour the paint near the rust's borders. So here's my discoloured green mix; I added some yellow for the discoloured areas that will be situated in full sunlight.

applying the discoloured parts

Now this discoloued mix is thinned quite thoroughly, I apply it with a brush near the rust's border, and with a water filled bursh, I *push* the colour near the border so that it makes a real discoloured border.

A last rusty trick

Now a last rusty trick -I pick up a Vallejo paint and i *don't* stir it, so what goes out of the tube is only some thinner. I apply the thinner and I sprinkle some pigments. When the whole is set, no doubt that a small proportion of the pigments will still be in a dusty shape -so I create some run offs in the right sense with a dry brush!

The holes on the gun craddle

Talking of tedious things to do.. Using a small and old 1/0 brush, I dipped it in rust coloured paint and passed it through most of the holes in the craddle! In some cases, I first did with some dark rust coloured paint, and then did it a second time with a less loaded brush with a lighter shade.