Sokol diorama blog

Finally the resin is done II

Here's a close-up of the final result. You may notice the problem with trapped air bubbles. there's a big one on the top that I will have to cover in some way. The water look opaque and so it will stay until I coat it with some kind of varnish like Clear Quote for instance. BTW you may notice some place near the air intake where you can see better through the water, well i have been treating it this way as a try.

Finally the resin is done -the video!

I plan to film through the whole of my next diorama! here's a single try i have been doing a few hours ago by a raging cold. it basically show the resin block -and also some not entirely unexpected mistake that will be soon attended :) Below is a picture of the craddle simulation..

Painting the ground cover ... at long last

It has been quite a few time I didn't update this -got tired of my diorama. I can't believe it's been 7 months it's been started, i already dream about the new one.. oh well. And then i made some major changes to the website, 1 year after i launched it! It should be a bit lighter when it comes to bandwith. Yet today, i started it again -and considering the awful weather outside, i am likely to keep on working on it tomorrow!I start working again on the ground cover -i had already underpaint the ferns in green, and here i am paiting them individually. Trying to play with a few green mixes and also some brown/leather tints to add some variation.Of course some final colour corrections will be needed once everything will be in place.. I keep on playing with video too. So here I am basically painting a few leaves. It doesn't have much interest to be honest but well..

The small groundcover is painted

Just that one single picture today -I finally ended up painting all my tiny ground cover bits, a mix of various valejo greens + some light vrown for dead leaves. I have been doing 2 series, the first is darker so that the leaves will be in less sunlit places while the second series is lighter. Of course, a lot of colour correction will have to be done when these ferns will be in place so that the '"logical whole'" rule is respected. Now half the reeds are done, but there is too few light now for me to take them in picture. next will be the washing bucket too which is already half done..

This is the red day. The Bucket for a start

Yes, this is the day were I will be fixing up everything on the resin surface -hopefully. I will set up my tripod, take that camera i was lent to do the movie, then putting everything in the garden shed to get started. So let's see the different elements -First the bucket. Just a few plastic parts, including the rim which was bent out of the side plastic length. The grips were done out of that photoetch fret I made earlier + some hardened green stuff handles.

The reeds

The Reeds were painted using the same method as the lower ground cover, each leaf painted individually. The plumes were somewhat trimmed where the cottonwool was going a bit haywire and painted. A small whitey dry bruh was then applied on the top..

The bits of wood

What you can see here is a balsa plank for the access to the gun cradle and various roots. By making my garden earlier this year I found out that strawberry roots looked somewhat like willows! not sure about that, but then here we go.. Notice the white colour of the trunk. When all the bark is gone, trees in marshes tend to look like those.. Now Iw ill see if this colour jut fits with the global colour sheme.

Bits of stuff

Here is a bit of groundwork mess that I intend to put here and there on the Sokol's gun craddle: some crushed dry tarragon leaves tainted with citadel acrylics, tea and small bits of bark. Now I am all set!