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Hyacinths #1

The problem with reeds is that they don't cover the ground much and I have to think about something that would do this. On examination of marshes pictures, ther is some growth, always the same kind which are water hyacinths according to my books, so let's see how we can do this.. First coat a bit of paper with some superglue, for strength

Hyacinths #3

When the whole is cut, it looks like this (below) that's quite good because all the leaves will have a different size -remember to cut the leaves *thin* it will certainly look better this way than it you try to use some static grass to reproduce some ferns whose leaves are flat.

Hyacinths #8

Cotonwool is very responsive to superglue, and that's it that will bind and produce some strength to the whole -so just drop a bit of superglue in the '"tube'" and try not to touch it afterwards because you will glue your fingers and ruin your work