Sokol diorama blog

Sculpting the main character

I say the main guy on the site -that's it there will only be one. For some next project of mine, I will have to really outstretched my sculpting talents, so this time, though I could probably have convert an existing figure, I preferred to sculpt it almost entirely for training. Problem is, I am a diorama maker, which means not particularly good at sculpting stuff. Anyway, here we go, first: bits of paper clips and a Magic Sculp lump for the body -let dry for the night

Sculpting the main character day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I am awfully slow at sculpting stuff, what you see is the result of a short fortnight with not a lot of work involved. the torso and the trousers/boots are done: i have been using some Dragon end of boots because I didn't want top get bored to sculpt those by myself. The guy is dressed as a Red Hungarian Hussar circa 1920. There are some funny stories about those guys getting caught in the Russian revolution. I still have the head, the arms, the top of the torso to do. he is kind of very skinny, I took myself as a model for that one :)

Sculpting the main character day 8

Day 8 already, how time flies :) I fell in no mood yesterday evening to start the face, so i did the small details that were left to add on the trousers. Quite fun to do out of green stuff, no shaking hands are required. i had to do the small bits on the trousers a few time so that the size match. So tonight the face, maybe.

Sculpting me day 8&9

yeah, close enough :) Sorry for this, but all my dioramas are my own story, I really love the real History, but it has mostly nothing to do with my dioramas; first i have the idea and then i try to hook it up to some particular time of history so that it winds up the people looking at my dioramas :) So basically, that's me as a 1920 Hungarian Red Hussar.

The finished figure

At least finished, and about time too. i may only work back the wrists which look unrealistic. I have been working again the undersize of the legs since last time. but the new thing here is...

The shirt

The shirt the guy is holding is being made of cigarette paper -I will try to take a fe pictures to show how i am doing during this week-end

Building clothes out of cigarette paper #1

I have been posting this fig in some forum and i got a lot of praise about the cloth made of cigarette paper. i have been using this trick for years, mainly to build some newspapers and open books. It's a really ideal material, i have been smoking for years when i was younger, and you learn fast the properties of this material while trying to roll a fag with more than one sheet of cig paper, or even when you are dead drunk. the material is real strong, resists to water and dead thin too! -here's now how to do a shirt in cigarette paper. First cut the cig paper roughly like I have been showing above, cut 2 times near the collar and fold back the 2 bits inside the collar. these 2 bits will serve as gluing surfaces, they need to be not so visible as you need to use a surface which will be bigger than -say the shirt's hem.

Building clothes out of cigarette paper #2

When you glue the 2 sides, it should look like the picture below -remember to put the gluing joints *inside* by folding back the joints under the proper shirt. Then with my X acto, i try to move apart the 2 sides near the gluing joint to be really sure that nothing will gluie the 2 sides together.