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Aerograph painting

I don't even know if this word '"aerograph'" exists in English.. Well i mean the basic thing that i use with an air compressor and which is pictured below. I always rant over the fact you can usually do pretty nice things with no money when it comes to model making, here's a proof. Look at this horror, it's the most basic Aztec you can find which i bought more than 10 years ago. It's awful, works when it wants to, but i still can produce some fairly okay things with it :) My compressor I have for the last 20 years, it's a basic compressor for car tires, i got it cheap because it didn't compress as much as was indicated on the paper. All in all, less than 80€ of material, spent a lot of time ago -and no money for newer stuff so here we go!

The under water part

So, here's the coating for the base, which will eventually end up in the water. I protected the glass parts (which will allow me later to see where i put the resin) with some Tamiya masking tape. All the paint is rusty coloured of course. Several coats from redish to almost black paint. Including some run offs done with too much diluted paint. I should add some texture this evening. All the upper parts are painted too, but it got dark before I could take some picture, so this will wait for a coupla days now :)

The green stuff

Now I am looking at it, the green is a bit Kermit-ey. Oh no problem, it's going to be weathered :) So these first pictures show the air intake as it was airbrushed last week-end. i already pre-shadowed the parts that will be more or less hidden in the dark. I used a combination of various Valejo's greens.

The green stuff weathered (first step)

Here is the same ar intake after a bit of work. I have been basically -repainting/ screening the airbrushed color with lighter shades so that could produce some discolorations ,and also various run offs on the inside of the air intake. Next will come some further discolorations and maybe the rust -or maybe I will proceed with the rest of the greenish metal.

The green stuff weathered (2nd step)

I then put some lighter shade and diluted paint and proceed to screen the places where I want some lighter colour to appear. Well, screening a light colour over a darker background .. it takes some time and quite a few layers before you end up really seeing something but it works!

The green stuff weathered (2nd step)

The black run offs on the contrary work pretty well after a single apply. Just wet (not too much) the right place and then -with a steady hand- just draw with very few diluted paint the run offs -the fact that ythe surface is wet will diffuse just a little bit the black paint; And then you can retouch or erase the run offs using your brush.

The green stuff weathered (3d step, my '"drybrush'")

Okay, as you can see from the picture, I used only 3 colours for this, I blend them, and I apply them as a not much diluted screen on the parts that would normally stand out as highlights if being drybrushed. That's it in fact, i never do any real drybrush on my models because the effect is too hard and visually quite crap.

The green stuff weathered (4th step -inks)

That's right! Ugly Citadel inks! I need some deep highlights on some special part of the green so I made an extra screening on the high highlights using a diluted mix of yellow and green. Believe me the whole colour starts to shine this way, so you want to be careful while using them -better 4 successive inks screening than a big one. It does a very nice shiny metalic feel about the whole, quite pretty :) Actually, the trick with citadel inks... I painted for some time some citadel stuf when i was a teen. At some point I got fed up of working alongside a trademark so I stopped and tries to forgot what i had learn there which was a very stupid idea. *inks* and how to use them to make shine the colour underneath was certainly the best thing I learned there. I have also been using some inks to make the bolts stand out wherever there is some bolts on the diorama :) Tomorrow, more tricks and the completed green parts -ready before the rusting!