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1/35 jackals

Magic Sculp + Duro, the usual..

Filling and sanding needed! A few corrections too.

1/35 jackals sculpting

1/35 jackals sculpting

1/35 jackals sculpting

Floodlands (the 8 hours diorama)

So I have been putting in my head that I wanted to do workshops. That's it workshops! In order for me to get invited in cool place where i could actually meet the people I have been trying to create some "8 hours diorama".

Did I succeed?

Well no. that one (called Floodlands, gallery here) was done in about 16 hours which means the double. That means I will have to work on all the bottlenecks i have been experiencing, like here for instance :

  • Using a crap figure -here a Miniart Tanker,  whose head and arm needed direfully replacement
  • Create the base beforehand -here a simple plastic box
  • learn to use the heatbox
  • I finally learned that you just can't speed the plough when it comes to water making which is going to be a problem..

I will probably find countless others! Most of the final hours were spent to arrange the scene so that it looks showable in the end


Among my swan

late in posting, it is rather cold outside so I practise sculpting indoors where it's harder to take photographs. This is one swan I just sculpted for one of my forthcoming dioramas.

Magic Sculp + Duro, the usual

1/35 Swan

Bronekater T-35 turret hobby boss

So this is a bit of a Bronekater, (Brown river monitor as used bu Russians in WW2). Of course the diorama will not be only this, hopefully I will post it tomorrow.

Painted with Mr Paint paints, AMMO Mig Acrylics and Paraphernalia + white oil paint.

Bronekater T-35 turret hobby boss

Bronekater T-35 turret hobby boss

Bronekater T-35 turret hobby boss

Hobby Boss T-35 weathered

Hobby Boss T-35 weathered

The Firebird Diorama

Finished yesterday! or how to use that tank turret in a different settings than what people could expect. Next should be completely different.

Link here

Bronekater T-35 Firebird diorama

On my workbench

Another diorama,.. actually somewhat 4 of them at various stages of completion are lying here and there.

Here is a in progress picture of one called Lorelei. Resin has troubles to set in the winter.

Lorelei diorama


Small diorama that wasn't made easy by the terrible weather as resin won't set well under 5°C and it was regularly below that tempearture lately. The figure is a modified Miniart one, the casting was terrible and I did a new head as well as hands.

That's the -I think- 5th of my "girls in white" / "Baba Yaga" series.

Lorelei diorama



Mr Paint JBA Diorama specials!

Well, I somehow protested that Mr Paint 's range missed a purple for my twilight dioramas, i must say I am quite flattered by the attention :)

Mr Paint Jba diorama specials!


Birds II Diorama

testing multiple settings, weathering and lightning techniques, i eventually came up with this diorama, using some homemade cormomorants as well as bits from the 1/35 Hobbyboss T-35 model.

Have a look at the gallery here.

Birds II diorama