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Still Life

Just a few days before finally posting the completed Seddul-Bahir diorama (4 years in the making), here is a small experiment that i started a few weeks ago as a side project. I failed it mostly because some bubbles stayed trapped. uyet there is a nice amber feel about it.

The idea and settings was picked almost completely from a sepia photograph which is quite well known, sadly I can't remind who did it, so if anyone knows, please feel free to drop me a line!

In the meantine it will end up as a desktop clipboard I suppose.. or as a gift or on ebay (why not)

Still Life with TurtlesStill Life with TurtlesStill Life with TurtlesStill Life with Turtles


The Minoga diorama

Sorry for not having posting anything in months. I have been working on something like 4 dioramas at a time. more recently i finished that diorama whose picture below is a teaser. it is for The Weathering Magazine which should be out in December or January or when they can really.

Anyway, i have been forbidden to post any picture of the completed diorama for the time being. I should really have refused this, but oh well, I have lots others coming soonish, including a possibly great one.

I should be posting a complete SBS of my latest smallish diorama starting at the middle of this week.

Russian submarine Minoga


My first British diorama! Bleaklow is located between Sheffield and Manchester. I had no idea the terrain was that great when I spent a few time in Manchester by the mid nineties otherwise I would have pay a visit.Bleaklow diorama


Light effects

Here are some lightnings effects done on a 1/35 tree modelled out of A&B mastic (ideal for that kind of modeling). this is for the soon to be aired Red Riding Hood diorama

Tree 1/35