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The figure.. painted

So i just ended up painting the pilot. Oil overacrylics as a base coat. The uniform is a sort of Olive drab colour and I havebeen actually mixing some *blue* and some *yellow* to get theright shade! That’s right I don’t have any olive drab paint athome. I hate that colour (I had to wear it myself sadly) but hey it has someadvantage that it should really blend well in the landscape.
It’s not very obvious to paint a realistic dead man, so I have been reducing reds to a max, and used a mix of blue and red and black at the placeswhere bruises should be (wrist, under the neck etc. I have been using some transparent brown on the places where the clothes are torn.
My pics are rather poor because the wet oils are doing some reflects but I hope you catch the work being done.



Thanks goodness the weather is excellentwhich means the resin will dry fast enough. I need to put at least 4 different coats of resin, and use probably 8 or 10 colours for that one.

indeed every summer since a few years I visit my parents who live near a big swampon French west coast, and I always liked the look of the water in the summer, itreally takes a lot of colours, mainly of the decaying leaf sort, like dark red,yellow orange, dark green brown. Very beautiful colours but with a  slight perfume of malaria (even if you’re unlikely to get malaria in the west of France).

Well, I don’t know South East Asia, but I thought that using those colours would certainly fit –and they are also a far cry from me having a huge Apocalypse Now poster in my bedroom when I was a kid, because the poster also had those colours.

So well, all the tinting was done using oils, both opaque and transparent.The first coat was some dark green browntransparent oil which I thought would be good on the dark areas of the diorama(near the walking path, below the crashed electronics). So I bent the diorama andproceeded to put that first coat of resin that way.
Then I did some red colours –I used a mix between the aforementioned hueand opaque red (not too much so that the transparency would stay) and appliedit further to the right of the diorama.

Now really consider what I am doing: I had some comments about the terriblecolours and scruffy looking background I was using for the diorama, but reallythat was the point: the real colours of the water will be provided by the resinitself! This is why I left a bit of pink here and there, or some white orbright orange, because pink + transparent dark green resin does really something quite weird and really un-pinkish ;)

That’s like chess guys, you have tothink one or 2 or 3 steps in advance ;)

Then another thing I should mention, is that the further you will be looking to the right of the diorama, the more the water will be opaque. Indeed the yelloworange part is the place where the sun reflects and tints the water. When thesun does that you can’t see beneath the water anyway. Hut then - did youguys ever tried to look at fishes in  ponds? If the pond is in the shade, then you can see beneath the water quite better, and that’s the reason why thewater is almost see through on the left.

To sum up that banter :  no sun = transparency,sun=opaque

Well, now let’s dry all that, because I will have a lot of corrections to do afterwards –both concerning colours and the ratio of matt-gloss of that diorama