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This summer I read that thing: It's some sort of insane 700 pages+ work on the air war in the South Pacific.Lots of erudition, reasonably entertaining, reasonably flagwaving. Anyway, page 218 he cites one Matome Ugaki, one of thoseguys that wasn't so interetsed in living through a post-war japan.  "[Yamamoto] was found on the seat outside of the plane,still gripping his sword. It hadn't decomposed yet and was said to be in astate of great dignity. He must really have been superhuman" That's what got me, superhuman admiral griping his sword, ina state of great dignity...   Saintlike Okay I am in..

Sculpting Yamamoto

Okay so I am going to sculpt Admiral Yamamoto in 1/35. Howdoes it sound? Pretty bad to be honest because if the figure I sculptDOESN'T LOOK LIKE Yamamoto, you can really laugh all the way out there. So well, better begin with the sculpting of dear Isoroku.because if I can't manage to get him right I will stop right there.. So first let's crawl internet in search for pictures. Thebest I found were I printed them and realized that Yamamoto looked prettyshort, that his body/head ratio was something like 6,5/1 which I have toremember while defining the proportions while sculpting. No oil painting butwith a definite something about him that you can make through the pictures. Anyway, here's a 10 mn job, just wire flexing and magicSculp dressingI always have some troubles with ending the clothes withmagic Sculp this is why I devise to make the tips of Duro because it can holddetails better than Magic Sculp (though is certainly harder to use). i can makesome very thin folds better this way here's now the trousers as sculpted, as well as one of thearms.]Soon I will move towards more interesting stuff: Yamamoto's head.

Head + body

Fixing the head on the body, adding a collarAt this stage there is a lot of trimming, filling to do, but[i]not yet[/i]  because Yamamoto was strapped on his seat. So better design theseat first, and after I will have to find a way to deal with those straps.

The G4M's wing

 Well, let's leave Yamamoto for the moment to try and work onhis surroundings. First there will be a small part of a G4M wing on thediorama complete with a bit of rudder.So of course finding a 1/35 Betty is out of the question solet's scratchbuild it.plans are put to scale, some crossections are being workedon a vector based drawing software (either Inkscape or Illustrator)  and gluedon some .7thick  plastic sheet. let's glue those pieces together using that sort of"French" Tenax you find here i need those being glued really hard because filling it withMagic Sculp is not that easy.The 2 colours are Magic Sculp, the browner is the end of anold regular MS pot that was lying around and not fit anymore for Fig sculpting,the whiter one is some sort of thing I found on ebay which is called"Morezmore Magic Sculp", I really don't like the stuff, it's ultrasticky, doesn't set so well, so I spend my pot on stuff like that.Honestly I'd wish to know why that stuff has the right to becalled "Magic Sculp" while it's not really MS.

The wing..

Back to my wing, here it is trying to put some lead foil onsome conveniently placed holesI deform and glue the lead foil (argh! it's impossible tofind anymore), use some more Squadron putty, Mr Surfacer 500..Here is oneof the rudders (I suppose it's the word?) with a bit of MS that i will apply on the underside of thething..Anyway here is my wing after I used that trumpeter rivet thing