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Two days ago I read about the death of Katerina Golubeva (????????? ????????) while doing some computer work. So well. I usually never care about such news and passed to something else.
Then I went in my garden shed, dressed in JBA Diorama, started to paint something and then I really fell it. 
I remember a long time ago going to the cinema to see the 2 movies she did for Lithuanian filmmaker Sharunas Bartas, "few of Us" and "Three days" which were both abysmally boring for anyone either not drunk enough or not patient enough to adjust to the extremely slow tempo of those young people smoking fags and wandering through derelict industrial landscapes as taken on camera. The heart of my diorama making ideas in fact. My ultra old diorama "Orange 0" doesn't figure Katerina because I couldn't sculpt anything then except hair -so I gave my converted figure her haircut.
Of course since then she didn't only do good movies (blame the abysmally bad Carax), but yet today I feel really sad, my dioramas are somewhat orphaned of that incredibly wild looking woman, certainly one of the best reasons ever to model Russian.
Katerina Golubeva
Katerina Golubeva