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Applying the rust #3

Then using the thinned black paint as a binder you dip your brush in the burnt sienna pigments and just apply the pigments on the wet paint very carefully but very randomly too. Finally you blend some parts of the pigments with the black underpainting. And you do that using a mix of the yellow and red pigments (just crush them together with a brush) on the strategic parts you want to get shinier.

the result as clearly seen on the pictures is a very matt finish, with some places where the pigments will actually create some extra TEXTURE.
I see some people use some gunze paints to paint their rusty things like for instance the exhaust pipes of tanks. This is a bad idea as the whole will lack some dephths methinks..

I have been doing the same on the rusty metal parts of the wood boat;
but i am rather unhappy with the rusty run ofs as well as some rivets that lack od details, so i will come back to this very soon.

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