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A detail picture

I think it rather works actually. Now the next step will be to embed all the reeds etc.. of course a lot of colour correction will be needed *************//////////////////////////////''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''\*********************** I have been observing tha some people were searching for the Archangel article, well it's not there anymore, I have been selling the rights to Flagship Models who put it on a CD. You are most welcomed if you want to buy it :) ************see more here******************* Don't complain, I will buy a small DV camera and will film the whole process of my next diorama. btw, I have been shooting 2 hours with a borrowed camera the pictures down there, so i will have to do a big editing and will finally post a movie of sorts soonish :) JB *************//////////////////////////////''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''\***********************