Evil Dead

Okay so how many people who might fall on this post did I actually meet? Actually 7 it seems. Some still seem to find it hard to understand how an honest father of two, happily married and all can actually model these kind of things.
I have always been sort of annoyed by some sort of pink colour modulation haze surrounding the realms of model making. yes you can model some soldiers having  a cup of tea near the tank, but you can't model the people they will kill nor can you model them after having been killed.

Like or not like tanks, they're here to kill, that's war. You can't take a part of it and ignore the worst of if. And this time I am definitely here for the worst.

Now since a few short years, I have been noticing a raise of the dead in diorama making. My brother Nicolas Cabaret is particluarly apt at showing this. Usually though, the dead stay polite, are nice, lay on one side and seem to have had a peaceful death -which is another way of taking back all the fangs from death.

Well, my dead are evil, they are ugly, they are violent -well at least that's what the way I wanted to show them, with limbs fixed in various off positions, everything about them would be violent. Up to you to say me if I succeeded.

I have been taking my sources for those various deads on several pictures I found on the Internet so that they could look like the real thing.

Credits are : ICM and Tamiya for the portyankis end boots, Hornet for faces and hands (got lazy on that one), Hornet and Tank again for the helmets, tank for the rifles. The rest if magic Sculp, homemade photoetch  and Duro.

T-26 and soldiers

Thanks to Dimitris for making out that one: I used 2 left hands eh..
T-26 and soldiers