#5 Meat. Grass in scale... oh dear, let me roll my eyes up to the sky. I never could understand those guys that count the rivets of their models and that can in the same breath be satisfied with using Heki like grass in their dioramas. I mean, it is SIMPLY NOT REALISTIC ENOUGH. Same thing with faux fur etc.. Actually, it *can* be, but it has to be twisted, modified, customized, used in conjunction with other material to look correct.
First Heki like grass. Did you ever see some spiky tubular things raising straight of the ground? Well, some plants actually looks like that,  but not *grass* like you can find in Europe or Asia, grass has some "leaves" that are bendy you see, not straight. And for this you need a supple material and you also need to be able to control the amount you put at any given place (which is hard to do with faux fur as is). Finally you need to use a material whose width can be not of a relative various size.
I found it: Oakum. It may be a bad translation from French, but it's what plumbers use for joints. I suppose it is horse hair as it smells a bit like animal.

I take some small length, stick it up between 2 lengths of plasticard, bend them (the stuff is extra supple and not at all easy to work with and then I paint it (here, regular Tamiya paint sprayed)

 i needed to do *35* of those plastic things for the complete diorama..

pakum for grass in scale

I sprayed Tamiya acrylics over those sheets