The Mig saga

So, by winning some internet diorama contest, I was sent quite a few samples of Mig production's parafernalia 3 years ago and then earlier this year some AK Interactive stuff, so here is the time for some Mig (like the Spanish modeller) group photo of his past life, part of the ongoing saga.

To be honest I never used these solvent base products before because I am not keen on it and always preferred weathering what needed to be with inks and water / acrylics, but I had a try and was really favorably impressed by those. i can achieve *other* kind of effects than the ones I normally use and they really get well on top of my own, so banco, I now used those.

this engine has been painted first using some Alclad metalics and then ahem *weathered* using Mig Jimenez based products

Mig and AK stuff

engine painted