More cutting and about vietnam dios

Though i don’t want to hurt anybody, I have to say it’s been 25 years i didn’t see a diorama  about the Vietnam war that I actually liked.

All the usual clichés are shown in dioramas, but all the ones I saw miss their point, the most important I think, the *whole spirit*.

Ah, if I say “25 years”, it’s because I saw one great one once on a French mag. Technically it was just okay, it showed a couple of M 113s, big puddles and a couple of yanks in one cornerwith Coke bottles. Why did I liked it? Because of the whole color scheme whichwas very orange-red and those big out of balance  puddles. I have been reading countless stuff on Vietnam War when I was younger, all of them tell about thered dust and the big puddles, but what I see in dioramas is well, some anonymous bits of jungle and no light.
Back to the diorama. More cutting on the way, here all thepieces cut, and me starting to do some sort of canopy out of various thickness bits.
ah, did anybody found what plane I am using? Hint: half of all the number built ended up in flames, one of the great success of the Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex I suppose.