Potestas Clavium


the weather has been awful and the Masséna still awaits for its sea. So could it be I am scattering myself a bit? The big masséna lacking its figure and sea: 3 weeks worth of evenings job. I am currently working on a dio provisionnaly entitled "the End of captalism", and this very one whose SBS I start here and on facebook is already completed but lacks its base and -well perhaps a little bit of soul that i will try to figure out those next weeks before airing completed pictures.
So this will probably be the last SBS I am doing here before at least 6 months. This diorama will be small and a sort of attempt to tackle the decayed post Soviet Russia -think Prypiat and the like. I have 33 pictures to show, maybe more as it is not entirely finished. There will be quite a few techniques displayed, I hope you will like!
the rules of the game are the same as for the previous one: the SBS will run for at least 2 weeks with a minium of 5 posts a week, everytime with 1 , 2 or 3 murky pictures because I can't do anything better (yet this will chnage for further ones as I think i took the right path recently).
Anyway, here we start by once again modifying an unsound DML plastic soldier, rearanging arms, stripping the fig before adding some new clothes out of Magic Sculp and Duro