Printing the photoetch fret

Once all this work is done you have to actually print the fret on some transparent paper, glue both sides together onthe edges (where the drawn targets are on the pic) and insert a special photoresist coated brass plate –which is figured here still with its stickers attached on both sides.
I know 2 companies in Europe that do these plates: a French one which is overexpensive, and a British one whose mailing charges are true rip off. And both brand don't react the same way to the photoetching process, so beware when choosing.
All in all, once you have all the material such a plate would cost me somewhat 5€.Then you have to insulate the brass under a specially done machine. I am about the worse craftsman imaginable and yet I managed to build that thing so YOU can.
that's 2.30 minutes on each side no more. Then dip the metal in some developing material liquid for printed circuits (you find that in electronics shops), and soon enough you have something worth..