Russian 1905 PT boat part2

That's the hull completed, I post it at the top because it looks nicer on the RSS feed.

A Russian PT Boat scratchbuilding

Actually there's still a long way from my last post to that hald baked result.

First let's fill the hull with some car repairing mastic. of course to minimize the amount used I put some plastic sheets near the sides

filling the hull

Of course what's good with this kind of mastic is that it can be filled very easely.

Now this particlaur boat got a not so nice accounter near the conning tower. So i cut out the plastic, glued some lead foil (harder and harder to find) and filled the joints with Tamiya grey mastic.

holes in the hull

Now these steel boats got countless rivets as obvious on soem details pictures I was sent. No way i am going to drill a hole for each and put a brass rivet inside. Fortunately, those were rather small and Aires put out some resin rivets on decals. And those were ideal for this build so here my rivet covered hull..

Aires resin rivets

Now I will have some work to do on all the "details" like air intakes, trapdoors, stanchions, the 47mm gun etc etc, quite some work!