The Sokol's hull -rough scratchbuilding #1

Back again for at least 3 weeks before well earned summer vacations ;) Okay, so my Sokol wasn't so much close to completion despite the photoectching being done. So here we are again. first, pleae notice that the whole of the hull (at least the 3 meters that will be ion the diorama) will be devided in 2, just like if it was broken in 2 at 1 cm below the gun place. unfortunately, it is also at the place where the round windows are -oh well, let's cut through them. To create the round openings, i used my wife's paper hole maker as it was of a right diameter. I pre-bent the plastic to the round front of the cabin. of course i needed to create some cross sections in order for the 2 parts of the cabin being straight. I cut those angled up openings so that nobody can see anything once the gluning is don