Succeeding homemade photoetch #5

Now when the whole is being sunned up, I went back to my cellar and once again had to proceed under a dim light -why then? hey because while you develop the plate, the light still works on the brass!

So now as i stated before, I had buy some product to develop pictures specially designed for brass, so here you usually have to mix it with the right amount of water before using it and then, it is stated that the liquid '"has to be warm enough'".

Now guys this is important, *warm* means 25°C, NO MORE otherwise you simply dissolve the whole of your printing!! I have been failing quite a number of time with this particular step!

You use a *plastic* basin (nothing in metal!! I have been using one of those you put under flower pots) and put your sunned up plate in the mix and now look at the picture: you can clearly see the places that were exposed to the sun being simply dissolved!! You have to move the bath a bit to accelerate the process but basically you are there.

When it's dissolved you wash the stuff carefully under clear water.